re: ringworm, your vet is uncommonly wise. if you read all the professional
literature, including the small print, it all boils down to: goes away with
treatment in x number of months (depending on treatment); goes away without
treatment in three months.....

shelters and rescues all over the country KILL cats for having ringworm;
many cats are immune to it, or break out once and then develop an immunity,
and there seems to be a genetic component to it, too--persians and himmies
will probably be shown to be predisposed to it. there's even an ingrown form
of it only seen in persians, himalayans (and one dog)....

ringworm spores, like cockroaches, will outlive us all, and sit around
campfires munching on twinkies milennia after the human race has died out.

just saying.

Spay & Neuter Your Neighbors!
Maybe That'll Make The Difference....

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