For the record I've had three FelV pos. cats become paralyzed in the
hand quarters.  All eventually lost control of their bowels and
bladder, and they died within a few weeks. Sorry to give anyone such
grim news, but I think it is critical that any FelV treatments are
undertaken in the early stages of the disease, before the bone marrow
is compromised.


On 04-20, MaryChristine wrote: we (Hurricane Pets Rescue, in this
> case) have a little boy in NYC. he's an adult, came into a city
> shelter. has tested positive for FeLV on his first test, and we all
> know what that means. we've got him at our vet for his REAL
> problems: he's unable to use his rear legs. he has superficial pain
> reflexes in them, he's able to pee and poop (those are technical
> terms, trust me) on his own, he's eating like crazy, he's sweet,
> friendly, etc. they originally wanted to rule out a pelvic
> fracture, and the x-rays have done that; there is also no
> indication of gunshot pellets or any other foreign body that could
> be causing the rear paralysis. vet said that there are cp deficits
> ("conscious proprioception," technical term for various forms of
> clumsy, klutzy, etc..... now i have a NAME for why i walk into
> things, and fall over imaginary items!), and some cell breakdown of
> unknown origin (lysis, for those who don't like my definitions.)
> he has a non-regenerative anemia with a hematocrit of 20; the rescue went
> ahead and ordered a transfusion. it's classed as an unregenerative anemia,
> but from what i recall from folks here, that doesn't necessarily mean much.
> the vet says that there are other diffuse symptoms that make him quite
> concerned--thickened small intestinal walls, which he thinks might indicate
> a lymphoma.
> so, i'm wondering what you folks, with more experience in this aspect of
> things read in this. (the vet at first didn't want to talk with me, but i
> was able to convince him that i knew enough that he consented to do so!)
> any ideas? THANKS.
> (kitty is safe for now, and we DO have a foster home for him once he's
> stable, whether or not he's FeLV.....)
> MC
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