update on this kitty: he's walking on his own now, the ER specialty clinic
he was sent to says that the thickening of the intestinal walls may or may
be not be anything, his hematocrit is back up with NO transfusion, he has
none of the gait deficits the first vet said he did, and NOTHING looks as if
it's secondary to FeLV....

so, since he's not critical, he's back to the original vet to be boarded til
we find a foster home for him to hang out on antibiotics and pain meds, and

spoke with both vets, and the level of misinformation about FeLV was very
saddening. the ER folk, however, wanted to see the AAFP Management
Guidelines, and were really interested in learning that there's a whole
batch of people and organizations that work with cats with multiple
disabling conditions!


thanks for the good thoughts.


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