We took Murphy in on 04/25 because he developed a sneeze-first we thought 
allergies because we had been opening the doors and the screens were letting in 
pollens-everything is blooming. They gave us Cyproheptadine-1/2 tab 2x a day, 
but we switched to 1/4 tab 3x a day. The 1/2 had him sleeping all the 
time...but no sneezing-as soon as he woke up, the sneezing began again. We 
called the Dr and picked up some Penn G and I gave him 5/8 cc injection-the 
sneezing was gone by the 2nd day. I just gave him the 2nd shot today. We had 
both Murphy and Rosie FeLV tested again-both still positive...sigh, we had such 
high hopes. Murphy's RBC is 1/2 what it was in Jan. He seems ok, just not 
100%-he has lost a little weight. I stopped giving interferon a few months ago 
to try and save a little-bad idea-I have him back on 2x a day now. They have 
both been on the LTCI since September and doing great, but I have them out to 
10 weeks now since they were doing so well. I took
 it for granted. I'm not sure what the blood test results mean-he had been 
staying in the same ranges until this last test, maybe his being sick with the 
sneezing (no cough, or snotty nose-just bouts of sneezing) has affected the 
tests. Also this last week, he has developed a "weepy" eye. That worries me the 
most-all 4 of the brothers that died before they were a year old had one weepy 
looking eye. Here are the results, maybe someone will have an idea. Sorry to 
throw this out there-but I know there are some medical savvy people on this 
site.  Any help is so greatly appreciated.

WBC7.86.2 6.64.2-15.6
Neutrophil Seg85623435-75
Auto Platelet63887?343170-600
Absol. Neutophil Seg6630384422442500-12500
Absol. Lymphocyte546179836301500-7000
Absol. Monocyte3902483300-850
Absol. Eosinophil2343723960-1500
Absol. Basophil0000-100
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