Like Tommy my sweet Sissy also passed away Tuesday.  She had a peaceful passing 
at the vets.  She was ready to go.  My dear neighbor drove us so I could hold 
her on the trip.  

I rescued her and her sis Rocket from the dumpsters 2 1/2 years ago.   Took 
them to the vet and they tested positive for FeLV.  After getting my house cats 
updated on their FeLV vaccine they were became part of my cat family.  They 
were my 1st FeLV kitties and I have learned so much from this group on how to 
help them.  Both were active and healthy but Sissy's lymph nodes were always 

Thought we might have made it past those critical points but a couple of weeks 
ago Sissy started the fast FeLV fade.  She was such a loving little girl.  She 
would jump up on the kitchen counter to help me get out her Temptation treats.  
How she loved them.

I know she had a good 2 1/2 yrs and that consoles me but I sure miss her.  
Rocket seems to understand and has been giving me extra loving.


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