best of luck--it makes a lot more sense to work with symptoms than without,
then claim that a continued lack of symptoms proves the product. (here, let
me sell you my special shampoo: none of your asymptomatic cats will get sick
if you use it! really.)

i would LOVE for LCTI to work......


On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 9:37 AM, <> wrote:

> Clear Day
> We're not participating in any official clinical trial, but we have decided
> to use LTCI on our Romeo. We've tried other treatments to raise his platelet
> and RBCs, but nothing has worked. We're going to start out with 3 doses,
> then run a blood test to see if any improvements can be seen. He received
> his first dose this past Friday. My vet has a colleague that's used LTCI and
> has had promising results. We're hopeful, but also know that Romeo's time
> with us may be very limited.
> Just a little background on Romeo, he's a beautiful orange and white Maine
> Coone that appeared at our house in the country about 8 years ago. Romeo
> remained a reliable fixture at our place for the first couple years with us.
> He was always waiting for me in the morning to bring him his breakfast and
> always waiting for his supper when I came home from work. About two years
> after his arrival, Romeo up and disppeared. We figured that he'd met his
> demise. About a week later, Romeo came home. He gingerly walked up to me and
> right away I knew something was wrong. Our vet hospital confirmed the worst.
> Romeo had most likely been hit by a car. His pelvis was shattered and his
> left hip socket was in pieces. Because of the substantial injuries, surgery
> was not an option for the little man. His fate was in his own hands. Our vet
> recommended keeping him in a very inclosed area for 6-8 weeks and see how
> well he healed up on his own. Then we could make a final determination as to
> his fate. In order to do that, we'd have to take him into our home. We
> tested Romeo for FeLV/FIV and found him to be negative. We believed he was
> safe to bring him into our home, where we already had 4 cats. Long story
> short, Romeo healed up beautifully! We had him neutered, gave him all his
> shots, and allowed him to stay in the house with us. However, due to the way
> his pelvis healed, Romeo would need to use a kitty laxative for the
> remainder of his life. Occassionally he was also have a low dose of Metacam
> for the arthritis he later developed in his back.
> Flash forward to 2010. I took Romeo in to have his teeth cleaned. Because
> he's at least 7 years old, our vet requires cats to have their blood tested
> prior to anesthia. It was a shock when I received a call from them to find
> Romeo was anemic. Further blood tests revealed that he was FeLV positive. We
> can only assume that Romeo had been positive the whole time and that the
> virus was hiding out somewhere within him. He still went outside
> occassionally for little walks, but he'd received the FeLV vaccine on a
> regular basis just in case he would come into contact with another stray.
> Living in the country, there are plenty of stray cats wandering through.
> Since Romeo tested postivie for the virus, we off course had to test our
> other fur babies. Sissy, our 16+ kitty tested positive. We were already
> treating her for renal failure so we're not sure if that's a result of her
> age or because of the FeLV. Fortunately, our other two girls, Alexandra and
> Jezzebelle, tested negative! We have no idea why they both came up negative
> but we're very, VERY thankful! We also lost another little lady March of
> last year. Sophie passed away after becoming very ill with AIHA (autoimmune
> hemolytic anemia). We don't know if there was a possibility that she would
> also have tested positive for FeLV. Sophie was only 6 when she passed away.
> Sorry to drone on about our kids, but we love them all dearly and are doing
> what we can to help them. Sissy and Romeo are both on Interferon, 7 days on,
> 7 days off. We know the LTCI may not work, but at least it's something.
> Having lost one of our fur babies just over a year ago, then having Sissy
> diagnosed with renal failure last fall, and now a double whammy with the
> FeLV is really taking it's toll on our emotions . . . at least mine. Romeo
> never gave up on us all those years ago and struggled to make his way home
> with a shattered pelvis. He knew we'd help him. I can't give up on now. If
> the LTCI truly works, then great! But if not, then I guess the final chapter
> has been written for Romeo.
> Diane
> >Re: [Felvtalk] Is this a real legit cure for feline leukemia?
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>  >
> >LCTI has been around for quite awhile, and still hasn't produced the
> >hoped-for results. it's imulan's marketing and testing behaviors that i
> >object to, NOT the product. as you say, the basic mechanism SHOULD work.
> >which makes it even more disturbing that Imulan ended the clinical trials
> >that were ongoing when they purchased the product--if what is needed is
> more
> >investigation, then do trials that will provide usable information to the
> >entire veterinary field--don't make grandious promises, and charge a great
> >deal of money just to raise people's hopes.
> >
> >and don't know if you've seen the protocol for the 4-week "trials" they
> were
> >doing with sanctuaries and vet's offices with FeLVs, but asymptomatic cats
> >need not apply. they want cats on their last paws--one of the questions
> >asked is whether or not the cat can be expected to live to the end of the
> >trial..... (tho i'm not supposed to have a copy of the protocol, i do,
> >somewhere--just don't know where. anyone with vets who are
> >participating--tho i HOPE they've changed this whole procedure--should be
> >able to supply a copy. unless they are afraid that someone might try to
> >enforce the, "in case of disclosure, we have the right to repossess your
> >first-born," clause.
> >
> >i'd love to see what's happened with other veterinary meds, tho LCTI not
> >being a drug might keep companies with big research & development funds
> from
> >caring, where real research goes on, and there's a reputable
> >concerned-citizens group in the background raising additional monies to
> fund
> >the research.
> >
> >many veterinary drug therapies have been funded by groups of responsible
> >breeders who've wanted to eradicate genetic
> >conditions/diseases/predispositions in their own breeds. if there were an
> >ethical, professional organization doing valid research on FeLV, i'm
> >thinking that we probably COULD get a group of folks to contribute, tho
> >probably not at the level of breed groups.
> >
> >(and if most of this already was sent, i apologize, my puter is NOT doing
> >well.)
> >
> >MC
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