Thanks.  I will definitely let everyone here know if LTCI works for Romeo. 
If it does work, then it may prove to be a treatment option.  Claiming it works 
on asymptomatic cats is really a joke.  We have no idea how long Romeo has been 
FeLV positive.  We're assuming he has been since he moved into our house 
years ago.  It was his own immune system that kept the virus in check.  No 
Immulan or LTCI was used.  I really do hope the LTCI works for our little man, 
but we're also remaining realistic to the fact that it may not work. 
Attempting it, however, also allows our vet to know whether or not she can 
recommend the drug to other clients with FeLV + fur babies. 


>best of luck--it makes a lot more sense to work with symptoms than without, 
>then claim that a continued lack of symptoms proves the product. (here, let 
>me sell you my special shampoo: none of your asymptomatic cats will get sick 
>if you use it! really.) 
>i would LOVE for LCTI to work...... 
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