Denise, here is the information I was given. I will respond again with the
oncology vet name when I have it...

>>This is a tough question. I think it really depends on how much she wants
to do for the cat (and also, put the cat through). I went to CSU for Rudy's
knee surgery and they were great. But when I brought Joe there, I felt like
their approach was much too invasive.
I know that CSU has a great reputation for cancer treatment, so she might at
least want to check them out. But she should be very specific about what she
does/does not want them to do to her cat or they will do whatever they want.
I have a friend who is a vet at CSU and I'll ask her for a vet referral for
someone in the oncology department there.
I really love my vet here in Boulder. Her name is Liv Brockman and she works
at Alpine Hospital for Animals; she's extremely knowledgeable as well as
compassionate. She ended up treating Joe during the course of his illness
and she was really the best vet I've ever worked with.
Your friend might also want to check with the owner of PC's Pantry in
Boulder. She (Mary Lee) has taken several of her animals to CSU for cancer
treatment and she probably has some good suggestions.
Hope this helps. (And I'll let you know when my friend gets back to me with
a referral at CSU.)

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Does anyone know of any vets in the Boulder/Denver area or CSU that
specialize in FeLV?  My girl has non regenerative anemia and is on
prednisone and erythropoetin.  Not sure if there are other options.  Not
sure if a bone marrow aspirate is work the stress to her, etc.

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