That's interesting Carmen, I wonder if having different males 
father the kittens could be the reason some were positive and
other's negative when the mother was negative. I guess we'll 
never know.


On 06-02, Carmen Conklin wrote:
> 1. RE. Immunity.

> Hi, Lorrie, I read with interest your post and wanted to weigh in
> on an interesting circumstances that happened at our sanctuary some
> years ago which made us determine that we had to test every cat and
> kitten in a litter. We had a mother cat come in who was pregnant.
> She was NEGATIVE for any virus (several tests) She had five
> kittens. Two of those kittens were Positive FeLV and three were
> negative (from then on) Since then we have had others tell us a
> similar story.  Something to do in the breeding part I believe. 
> The post made me think of that mother cat and her five kittens.
> Carmen

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