Bless you for taking in Eva and helping her and her babies.
I hope you can keep Eva?
House of Dreams' website is very impressive!
Did you see there is another FeLV+ cat from CA who needs a ride?
Baxter is in San Luis Obispo,  CA.
God bless you and the family of five.
Eva was hanging around because she knew you would help her.

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I recently took in a stray cat who had been hanging around my apartment,
whom I named Eva.  It turned out she was 3 weeks pregnant when I took her
in.  The vet confirmed the pregnancy at around the 5 week mark, but for
whatever reason didn't test Eva for FeLV or FIV until I brought her and four
kittens in when they were 3 weeks old.  She tested positive for FeLV.  Three
weeks later, all four kittens also tested positive.  They're getting tested
again in three weeks as there's some chance for kittens to convert from
positive to negative, but I am less than hopeful at this point.

Due to the illness, the adopters I had lined up have decided not to adopt.
I am single and live in a 1 BR apartment in Sacramento, CA.  I simply can't
care for five cats, let alone FeLV+ ones.  Fortunately, a shelter in
Portland, OR has agreed to help out if needed.  They're called House of
Dreams and can be found on the web here:  They have a dedicated area
for FeLV+ cats and will attempt to adopt them out to caring homes.

That being said, I would like to see if there are any caring homes willing
to adopt one or more of these cute little guys before I commit them to this
shelter.  If any of you are within a few hours of Sacramento and would like
to adopt, or know someone who does, please get in touch.

Here are some pictures:

The whole gang, about 4 weeks old: .  From
left to right: Fuzz (male), Doom (male), Kima (female), and Pika (female),
and in back is the mom, Eva.

About 6 weeks old:
Kima and Pika:

Thanks for all your help,

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