Dear Ana,
Are you sure that it's FeLV and not just regular leukemia? I have had both,
but never at the same time in one cat.  But that's just my experience.
I will forward this to my vet and see what he says, OK?

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> Hi,

I am new to the mailing list.

I live in México and I am studying my PhD in microbiology, bioinformatics
and genomic sciences -- in case I can be of any help.

My cat, Beltza was recently diagnosed (last Saturday)as FeLV+ and the blood
count show almost no red blood cells. The best vet I have found in my town
is attending her, she is staying with him at his hospital.
He told me he had ordered erythropoeitin to treat her anemia, as it was the
first thing to resolve for her. I read an article about how cats express
antibodies against human and hence cat hormone. I am terryfied. I will ask
him not to use the hormone, but I don't know which is the treatment to use.
Do you know which is the correct treatment for anemia?

She has all the symptoms for anemia (her tongue is white) and that is the
reason of her staying at the vet "hospital". She refuses to eat, she has
lost 4 pounds now, please help me I don't want her to die.

I rescued her from the streets last November, she was six months old and she
was pregnant, malnourished, she had a broken rib, a broken tooth, and her
whiskers were burned. I ask the vet for an abortion since there are too much
homeless kitties in this world, and to spayed her. She was fully recovered
and so gorgeous, until last month... when a dog bit her, and then a spider (
*Loxosceles reclusa*) bit her, the tissue was in necrosis, so a surgery was
needed to prevent a higher necrosis. I believe that all these, plus the
stress, plus the antibiotics, analgesics and anesthesia is the reason for
her viral and anemial crisis.

I hope you guys know how to treat her anemia, any help will be greatly
appreciatted. I want her back home.

Thanks in advance,
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