Ana, my cat Clara Bow also had (has) anemia (and is FeLV+). I took her
in for a second opinion (and possible transfusion), and was told that
she may have hemobartonella. A test confirmed this, and she was put on
doxycycline. A week after the antibiotics were started, her hematocrit
went from 13% up to 22%. She has been on it for 2 weeks now, and has 2
more weeks to go (much to her chagrin!). You might want to ask your vet
to test for it. Clara's hemobartonella infection was so rampant, it
showed up on the CBC!

Keep us posted...

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Dear Natalie,

Thanks for your answer.
The diagnose was based on an ELISA, she showed FeLV+. How can I tell if
also has regular leukemia? Which analysis needs to be done?
Thanks for forwading my mail to your vet. I'm looking forward to read

Best wishes,

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