I wouldn't stop giving the CoQ10 because it really helps cats with
suppressed immune systems - their gums, teeth - are very susceptible - CoQ10
not only prevents it but is good for so many other things.  What's a little
more powder in their food? Natalie

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Hi Tanya:

I am so sorry about your Maggie.  My FELV+ kitty was diagnosed with Early
HCM years ago but it never really progressed much beyond a certain thickness
on one side. He also was diagnosed with a "perfect valentine shaped heart" -
misshapen.  I used to give him CoQ10 - mixed in his canned food - 10 mg per
day for his HCM.  I can't say if it did or did not help but it didn't seem
to hurt him at all. I stopped giving it to him when he was diagnosed with
FELV - no reason really other than I'm giving him so much other stuff right

Saying purrayers for your furbaby. 

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 [Felvtalk] Maggie
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Hello everyone,
? ???It has 
been a while since I have been able to get on. I found out last month 
that my FelV+ Maggie who turned 2 years old 16 days ago was just 
diagnosed with a grade 4/6 heart murmur. She has seen many vets in her
 short life and has not had a detectable one previously not even 7 
months ago when she had her bi-annual physical and blood work. I took her 
in for her physical and because lately she has had some exercise 
intolerance that isn't normal for a 2 year old. Her heart ultrasound 
gave us a diagnosis of hypertrophic 
cardiomyopathy. Her walls were very thick and flow greatly 
reduced. We started he on Enalapril. 
     I was wondering if anyone 
else has had the same diagnosis and if so if there was anything that 
worked well for your little ones. Her heart disease is progressing very
and I was told that with her type there isn't anything they can do to 
slow it down, we are only making her more comfortable with the Enalapril
 by making her heart not have to work as hard.
     Any advice is 
Tanya (Maggie's Mom)


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