This is good info on CoQ10:

Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University
Coenzyme Q10 is a fat-soluble compound primarily synthesized by the body and
also consumed in the diet. ... Coenzyme Q10 supplementation has resulted in
clinical and metabolic ...  

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MC, CoQ10 doesn't cure or prevent anything.  It does seem to support heart
function.  Most of the folks on the Yahoo heart group use it for their heart
kitties.  My sweet Albert was given days/weeks to live after going into CHF
and then being dx with severe HCM.  With the CoQ10 and other supplements he
enjoyed another 1 1/2 yrs before his heart gave out.   The recommended dose
for kitties is 30 - 60 mg per day.  

I don't have links to any feline studies but here are links to some of the
info I have.


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> what, exactly, does CoQ10 prevent?
> and could you give some cites to research data on it? i
> haven't seen
> anything in a long time, and would be interested in seeing
> what the clinical
> findings are.
> additionally, cats who test positive for the FeLV antigen
> only once are not
> necessarily actually positive. even if they are
> persistently viremic, they
> are just normal cats until and if the virus is activated.
> while they are
> asymptomatic, they are not seriously immune compromised,
> and presuming that
> everything that happens to a cat who happens to FeLV+ is
> related to that
> status is not borne out in the real world of sanctuaries
> and multi-positive
> homes.
> i will post, yet again, a link to the american assn of
> feline practitioners
> 2008 guidelines for managing feline retroviruses, in a
> separate post.
> MC


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