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In the past I have always mixed my positives & negatives. I did this on the 
advice of my vet, who said I would simply stress the positives by keeping them 
separate. I vaccinated my negatives every 6 months, again, on the advice of my 
vet. One of my FeLV negatives was an FIV+ & in all the years I mixed, none of 
my negatives, including my FIV cat, ever go the FeLV.
Right now I do not mix simply because one of my negative cats has Stomatitis & 
I recently spent $3,000 saving his life from Hemobartonella, which we believe 
he got from a depressed immune system because of the steroids he is on. So, 
understandably, I am paranoid right now about exposing him to anything else.
But when I did mix (and I had 5 positives & 5 negatives for a long while), I 
didn't separate them in any way. They all shared food, water, litter; they 
 each other, etc.
All my negatives have been retested several times over the years & have 
remained negative. 
I even had a foster kitten who had FeLV & died from FIP. He lived in my bedroom 
with one of my negative cats for months. My cat never got the FeLV or the FIP.

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a question, I saw posts from 2 people having FeLV+ cats in the house with non 
affected cats. How do you gys manage that?
I just rescued a stray that turned out to be incredibly sweet and FeLV+ but I 
have 6 others that are indoor/outdoor  so they are all vaccinated for FeLV but 
since it's not 100% I am keeping rescue kitty in the garage and hoping to find 
someone with a closed household willing to take him as a sole cat or an 
additional cat to a household with another FeLV+ cat.  Having no luck so far 
(found a possible person with 2 infected cats in NY but I'm in Los Angeles) 

I'm looking into what I must do if I keep him and for this I also joined this 
listserv. Do you have them mingle? I figure food dishes should
 definitely be 
kept separate. My cats are indoor/outdoor and I caught a feral last year who 
also FeLV+ so I'm thinking it's been going around and if they were likely to 
catch it they might have already done so?

I know it's not an exact science but this cat's desperate about being left 
in a room, I sit with him for a while but when I leave he cries for a really 
long time.

Sorry for the long post.


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