It is made by Carrington Labs and was being marketed by VPL, but it is no longer on their website and a search shows their contract with Carrington Labs expired in April. I am going to call Carrington Labs in the morning and see if they have another distributor, I sure hope it is still available. It comes in a box containing four 10 mg containers. The last time my vet ordered it, it was $225, that was his cost. The protocol is 2 mg/KG IP, weekly for 6 weeks and then monthly. The monthly shots can be given sub-q. For those unfamiliar with what IP means, it means through the wall of the abdomen.

The instructions say you must use it within 4 hours of mixing it, but the vet who was the technical assistance person for VPL told me any leftover would keep fine in the fridge for a week and for a month in the freezer.


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Could you describe what the Acemannan (sp?) is and how it's used? Also what are
good sources for this and also pettinic?  Alice
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