I don't have much input on restricting activity.  In general it seems to me
that once a cat realizes his limitations he'll limit himself.  I am not big
on limiting them.  They generally do that on their own.  I guess it's a
personal opinion.  Certainly something could happen, but something could
happen to any of us.

I really wanted to see if you would be interested in trying a tonic.  It is
a tonic meant for treatment of cancers, but it has properties and benefits
that extend beyond this.  It has helped various people and animals in
various way.  Noone has ever reported any significant negative side effects
with its use.  It is an herbal tonic consistenting of four plant
derivatives.  I was wondering if it could help a felv cat.  It would be
fantastic to see a reversal of neurologic symptoms.  I don't know that it
would help, but it has done wonders in many settings.

If you're interested I can send you the list of herbs and how to prepare

On a different note, I have seen some amazing things with acupuncture and
alignment on dogs and cats.  If the weakness is not due to felv, these
procedures may help.  You'd have to go to an alternative vet for that
though.  I don't know it was just a thought and I figured I put it out

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