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Date: Sunday, August 1, 2010, 3:30 PM

A week ago I thought it was over because he was so lethargic and anemic-the vet 
visit on 7/23 showed on the in-office test a PCV 18.5% and TP 4.2 (I'm not 
totally sure what the TP is). His gums were pale, almost white and he was 
eating-it comes on so fast. We started him on Procrit 3 injections a week, doxy 
2x a day and an iron supplement capsule 1x a day. Interferon 2x a day. We also 
gave both he and Rosie their LTCI injection-it was 4 weeks from the last one. 
His lab CBC came back with RBC 3.52 HGB 5.1 and HCT 22.5 Lymphocytes 5. He has 
also lost a little over a pound since January, but isn't thin.  A week later on 
7/29 we took him in for an in-office test  (Thursday) his PCV 23% and TP 5.0-he 
is acting like his old self again-racing me into the kitchen, standing on his 
hind legs and grabbing the cabinet door with his huge paws and banging the door 
until he gets a treat! He is back to jumping to the top of the bookcase in the 
spare room-the eagle is back! He is still resting  more than usual-but isn't 
wiped out like before-if he hears something interesting, he just has to see 
it is-Mr Nosy! I am hopeful that he continues to improve-I don't know what 
triggers the anemia, in January his HCT 39.5  HGB 14.4 and RBC 10.85. He is so 
good natured-you can give him his shot and pills and he still follows like a 
puppy and never gets difficult to doctor.  Alice and Glenn humans owned by 
Murphy and Rosie!
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