Alice and Glenn,
What wonderful news.  You have done an outstanding job dealing with this 
crisis.  Loved reading he is once again an eagle and banging on the cabinet for 
for treats.

TP is Total Protein.  Here is a link that explains in people English test 
results.  Just click on the item and open the pdf file.
Broadway Vet BW Explanations 

WTG Murphy!!

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> Date: Sunday, August 1, 2010, 3:30 PM
> A week ago I thought it was over
> because he was so lethargic and anemic-the vet 
> visit on 7/23 showed on the in-office test a PCV 18.5% and
> TP 4.2 (I'm not 
> totally sure what the TP is). His gums were pale, almost
> white and he was barely 
> eating-it comes on so fast. We started him on Procrit 3
> injections a week, doxy 
> 2x a day and an iron supplement capsule 1x a day.
> Interferon 2x a day. We also 
> gave both he and Rosie their LTCI injection-it was 4 weeks
> from the last one. 
> His lab CBC came back with RBC 3.52 HGB 5.1 and HCT 22.5
> Lymphocytes 5. He has 
> also lost a little over a pound since January, but isn't
> thin.  A week later on 
> 7/29 we took him in for an in-office test  (Thursday)
> his PCV 23% and TP 5.0-he 
> is acting like his old self again-racing me into the
> kitchen, standing on his 
> hind legs and grabbing the cabinet door with his huge paws
> and banging the door 
> until he gets a treat! He is back to jumping to the top of
> the bookcase in the 
> spare room-the eagle is back! He is still resting 
> more than usual-but isn't 
> wiped out like before-if he hears something interesting, he
> just has to see what 
> it is-Mr Nosy! I am hopeful that he continues to improve-I
> don't know what 
> triggers the anemia, in January his HCT 39.5  HGB 14.4
> and RBC 10.85. He is so 
> good natured-you can give him his shot and pills and he
> still follows like a 
> puppy and never gets difficult to doctor.  Alice and
> Glenn humans owned by 
> Murphy and Rosie!
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