Thank you for the information on the LTC1.  What about Interferon??
I rescued a kitten a few weeks ago and he is FelV positive, otherwise healthy 
and showing no symptoms.  I have him isolated in a room away from my other cats 
and am trying to keep him comfortable.  I am trying to find him a home where he 
can be an only cat and will be kept indoors but I know this will be difficult.  
I am feeling kind of hopeless as it sounds like many of your sweet cats didn't 
make it past 1 year.  My vet said he could live many years if kept in the right 
environment but now I am not sure this is true.
I appreciate your feedback.  I hope I can find a home for Little as he is such 
a nice boy.  If you know of any sites where I can post his pic please et me 
know as I don't ant to give up yet.

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Wouldn't it help to use PetTinic in food for anemic cats?  I use it often,
not necessarily for FIV/FeLV positive cats. Natalie

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Heidi-here is a good link that describes the product:
It is from the Imulan Company and it's called LTCI. There has been increased

interest in the product for FeLV and FIV cats. I have had 2 cats on it for 
almost a year. Does it work, I don't know as both of mine are still
I truly believe their health has been improved with this product. We lost 
Rosie's 4 littermates last year before they reached a year old-Rosie is
2 this month!! YAY! The literature said that some cats can fight off the
and test negative. Rosie is doing great but Murphy has been struggling the
2-3 weeks with anemia, but is trying hard to rally back. He became so anemic
few weeks ago and I thought we were going to lose him. I think part of it
may be 
due to trying to go 2 months and more between injections. Before that-they
both in the high 30s with HCT, and actually Rosie's last HCT was on 7/24 and
was 46.5. I started the treatments before they became ill, some people begin
when symptoms appear and they find this product out there in web searches. I

hope your sweet little baby stays healthy. As you can tell from the postings
this site, many of us have lost our dear fur-children, I don't think it ever

gets easier. Alice
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