Check out about this and other litters.
My cats ate it... :( 

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hello everyone,

just found a great new litter called World's Best Cat Litter.  i found it at
Tractor Supply in Troy, Mo., but they are starting to sell through  PetsMart
and PetCo.  it comes in 3 diferent sizes.  it is great, a 17 lb bag costs
$10.00 and it lasts longer than clay litter.  best of all, it is gound up
corn so it is biodegradeable, light weight compared to clay, clumps really
good (even Dee can't break up the clumps), doesn't smell and lasts longer
because you can get out whole clumps and don't waste as much.  i called them
and they sent me a $3.00 coupon.  also sent me to Smart where i
got another $3.00 coupon.  they started out in New York area and now are
spreading across the country.  i live in the country so i just made another
compost pile for the cat litter.  even if you are in the city and cannot
have compost piles, when it gets to the landfil, it will break down and not
hurt the environment. 

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