Laura, I'm so sorry you've had such a tough day.  I do TNR with feral colonies 
and understand how frustrating it can be.  

You make a difference for these animals.  Please try to focus on the good you 
do when having to deal with so many dimwits.

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> Subject: [Felvtalk] No way to treat a friend
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> Date: Saturday, September 4, 2010, 8:05 PM
> OK, this doesn't have anything to do
> with FeLV, so I apologize.....but a few incidents happened
> at the shelter today that really made me angry, and really
> made me sick of the way animals are treated in our society -
> as disposable property, with no feelings, no thoughts, no
> value. An inconvenience, to be tossed aside when necessary.
> First, a woman called and said that there was a cat lying
> in her carport that must have been hit by a car. She said,
> "We're afraid she's going to die there, and she can't seem
> to move her back legs." Stray, injured cat....I called our
> animal control officer and she headed on out to pick the cat
> up. Turns out, it was the woman's cat, and not a stray, she
> even saw the cat get hit! - same old story, the owner
> doesn't want to deal with the problem, doesn't want a vet
> bill, so she calls the county to handle it, forgets about it
> and goes about her day. My officer told her, "This is your
> responsibility, not mine - you get that cat to a vet." Later
> on, the caller once again rang up animal control: "If I have
> a cat that's been hit by a car, can I bring her to you?" NO,
> lady, what don't you understand - this is your animal, she
> is your responsibility, TAKE HER TO THE VET. 
> Then, later, the door opened and a  young woman came in
> with a cat in a crate. He has serious health problems; he's
> old and has some sort of issues with his teeth, he's in a
> lot of pain and needs steroid injections and some other
> stuff. I remember speaking with her two months ago about the
> cat, gave her some phone numbers of vets who might be
> willing to work with her on the cost of treatment. Anyway,
> she wanted to drop him off so we could euthanize him on
> Tuesday. I tried to get her to take the cat to her own vet,
> tried to get her to understand that it would be inhumane and
> cruel to leave him in a place with strangers, to sit in a
> cold metal cage, to die on a table and be tossed in a black
> trash bag and thrown into the dump like garbage. Naturally,
> she had no money - but if you're a good client, chances are
> your vet will euthanize for free or next to nothing; my vet
> has never charged me to euthanize an animal. And she had
> months to prepare for this, but
>  she's moving in with her parents tomorrow and they're
> allergic, and of course, like the other person, she didn't
> want to deal with it. Finally she said to me, "I'm leaving.
> I don't like your attitude. Bitch." I wanted so badly to
> follow her out the door, slap her face & tell her what I
> thought of her, but I need my job.
> I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but still, it
> appears that this attitude has become more and more
> prevalent. Those of you who work in shelters or who are
> involved with rescue know exactly what I'm talking about.
> Someone will always be there to pick up the pieces and clean
> up after your mistakes, so why even try to do the
> responsible thing? One resident surrendered 4 kittens last
> week and called today to ask if they'd been adopted. They
> had all gone out to a rescue. After hollering, "Praise
> Jesus! They're safe!" she asked me, "So, the next time I
> have kittens, should I call this rescue directly or do I
> have to go through you?" Aaaargh! Don't let them be born!
> Come here on euthanasia day and then ask yourself if you
> should be producing more kittens!
> Thanks for letting me vent.
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