Rutin worked for the fluid build up in my kitty. You can get it at the health food store. It does take a couple of weeks to start working. I was getting him tapped all of the time. Now no new build of of fluid for 3 weeks. His breathing is good. I started with 250 mg and went up to 500 mg and it started to work. I gave him 125 4 times a day. I am have problems with anemia, RBC just under 4. Does the Procrit really work?
I am sorry for your situation.  I know this is so hard for all of us.


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We seemed to have the anemia under control with the Procrit (epogen) and iron, doxy and cypro, but we got hit hard today. I told our vet that although he seems good with color in his mucous membranes, he looks to me to be breathing too fast. She checked and his lungs sounded raspy-the ultrasound showed that he has pockets of fluid and lymphoma. We are going to be giving lasix and pred for the short time he has left. This FeLV has ravaged our little family-soon Rosie will be the last kitty standing out of the 6 we began this awful journey with 2 years
ago. I am sick and cannot think-this is too much to bear.
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