Dawn-I went to the health food store right away and got the Rutin-pulverized 
tablets and put it in gel caps. I am giving it 2x a day with his other meds. 
breathing is easier-5 days now on the Lasix and pred along with the cypro and 
doxy and iron. We are cutting the Procrit shots down to 2x a week and I will 
bump the LTCI to once a week-his HCT went up almost 6 points to 38.9 and RBC is 
6.48, HGB is 11.6. I still am numb-he survived the anemia crash and is in 
ranges again just to be hit with lymphoma. Some of what I read up on the Rutin 
said it has anti cancer qualities along with being an antioxidant. All I can do 
is pray the lymphoma goes into remission, but the vet said it would be 
quick-maybe a week or two if she had to guess and we are approaching a week. 
you never know. He is absolutely the sweetest boy and my shadow. I am dreading 
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