This product may potentiate anesthetics and shouldn't be taken along with 
antidepressants. May also interfere with anti-tumor drugs. Do not give to cats 
who are pregnant or lactating. Although rare, photosensitization may occur. 
This product does not contain any preservatives so refrigerate after opening. 
Shelf life after opening is 6 months when refrigerated.  So don't use if your 
cat is getting chemo or had cancer.  I just found this out-Dawn

Felimm for Feline Leukemia Virus and FIV

Item # PH 2450
In Stock

Herbal formula to support immunodeficiency in cats

    * Promotes a better quality of life for infected cats
    * Helps maintain a healthy immune system
    * Encourage your cats natural defenses
    * Helps protect against bacterial and viral infections
    * Supports detoxification of the lymphatic system
    * Helps fight upper-respiratory tract infections
    * Improves appetite, skin quality, and energy
    * 1 Bottle = 3.4oz (100 ml)

What Is Felimm?

If your cat is suffering from Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)... or Feline 
Leukemia Virus (FeLV)... you will want to pay careful attention to every word 
on this page.

Although feline FIV and FeLV are different viruses, they share one thing in 
common... they weaken your cat's immune system.

With a weak immune system, your cat becomes much more vulnerable to 
illnesses... some that could be fatal. In fact, right now your cat's weak 
immune system could be trying to fight off a deadly virus.

Since there is no cure for FeLV or FIV in cats, what you must do is try to 
maintain the strength of their immune system.

Felimm is a multi-herbal formula designed to do exactly that... help maintain a 
healthy immune system in your cat.

How does it do this? It all comes down to the unique herbs in the formula... 
and how they work together to help keep your loyal little friend healthy.

How will the ingredients in Felimm help my cat?

St. John's Wort: this popular herb is an immunostimulant which means it helps 
stimulate the health and strength of your cat's immune system. Not only that, 
St. John's Wort is also anti-viral... it battles against viruses that are 
attacking your cat's weakened immune system. This is a perfect combination: 
helping to build up the immune system while fighting off viruses that are 
attacking it.

Alfalfa: this plant contains high levels of chlorophyll which works as an 
antioxidant in your cat's bloodstream. It also contains high levels of 
vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients that are valuable for a 
cat with an immune disorder.

Burdock: this anti-leukemic herb promotes blood detoxification. It helps 
support healthy liver function and is known for improving skin complexion.

Aloe: this plant contains "Acemannan" which supports the production of immune 
system promoting chemicals. Like St. John's Wort, it is an immunostimulant to 
help maintain the health of your cat's immune system. It is also anti-bacterial 
which is so important when your cat's immune system has been compromised.

Cat's Claw: this herb helps encourage a healthy immune system. It's a natural 
source of healthful antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory which can help with 
any joint issues.

Dandelion: helps to naturally detox the liver. This herb assists in bringing 
down water retention and promotes healthy kidney function. It also supports 
proper gallbladder function while encouraging better digestion and appetite.

Gotu Kola: promotes the strength of the immune system. This herb is also rich 
in flavonoids which are antioxidants found in nature. Antioxidants help protect 
against damage to your cat's cells caused by free radicals. Consuming foods 
that contain flavonoids has been linked to a large number of health benefits.

Turmeric: in Indonesia it's called "The Queen of All Herbs". In China, Turmeric 
is a go-to herb that has been relied upon for centuries. The curcumin in 
Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant... which helps fight the damaging effects of 
free radicals. It also helps with liver detoxification, inflammation, and 
discourages tumor promotion.

Usnea: this herb has antibiotic properties along with being anti-bacterial and 
anti-fungal against Candida Albicans (which a weakened immune system is more 
vulnerable to). Usnea is also a source of Vitamin C and is a natural stimulant 
of the immune system.

Osha Root: this root has been used by Native Americans for generations. Osha is 
a natural immune builder. Not only is this herb anti-bacterial but it's also 
anti-viral which is so important if your cat has FIV or FeLV. Osha helps guard 
against viruses taking hold on the depressed immune system.

Myrrh: this herb has been used in China for thousands of years for its many 
health benefits. It helps enhance healing and is a natural antiseptic. A major 
benefit of Myrrh is that it helps control bacterial infections. This is crucial 
for a cat with an immune system that is compromised.

Goldenseal: originally relied on by Native Americans, this herb is a known 
immune supporting herb. It also helps control overgrowth of the Candida yeast 
which can cause many uncomfortable symptoms. On top of all this, Goldenseal 
also helps encourage proper digestion.

When you combine all these natural ingredients together you get a supplement 
that can help maintain your cat's immune system... fight off bacteria... and 
supply a variety of healthful nutrients.

If you have a cat with FIV or FeLV, you need all the immune protection you can 
get... and you probably want to do that naturally. Felimm is the all natural, 
holistic way to get that protection... and provide your cat with the best 
quality of life possible.

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> Has anyone considered trying a tonic that helps and even cures cancer - it
> hasn't been tried on FeLV+ cats, as far as I know, but it could make life a
> lot better for the cats! Natalie
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> the Rutin
> Dawn-I went to the health food store right away and got the Rutin-pulverized
> the 
> tablets and put it in gel caps. I am giving it 2x a day with his other meds.
> His 
> breathing is easier-5 days now on the Lasix and pred along with the cypro
> and 
> doxy and iron. We are cutting the Procrit shots down to 2x a week and I will
> bump the LTCI to once a week-his HCT went up almost 6 points to 38.9 and RBC
> is 
> 6.48, HGB is 11.6. I still am numb-he survived the anemia crash and is in
> normal 
> ranges again just to be hit with lymphoma. Some of what I read up on the
> Rutin 
> said it has anti cancer qualities along with being an antioxidant. All I can
> do 
> is pray the lymphoma goes into remission, but the vet said it would be 
> quick-maybe a week or two if she had to guess and we are approaching a week.
> But 
> you never know. He is absolutely the sweetest boy and my shadow. I am
> dreading 
> this.
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