Hi Edna,  

I'm sure many others will write to you about this, but FelV is not
all that contagious.  It's usually transmitted by sharing food and
water bowls or by grooming each other, and maybe litter boxes, but
not sure about that.  As you've heard, the virus cannot live long
outside the cat's body, so there is no need to bleach things other
than food and water bowls, litter boxes etc.

Thanks for fostering this kitty, and for the record I have almost as 
many cats as you have!  I have 13 at home and 10 in my cageless no
kill shelter building in town, and I also feed a feral colony.
Gotta love those furry little kitties!


 On 09-24, Edna Taylor wrote:
> We just rescued a Feluk + kitty and are fostering him for two weeks
> until he is past his 14 day quarantine and goes to another foster
> home.  My question is this, we have 28 cats (yep, that's a LOT of
> cats) and we will keep him in the study during this time.  However,
> I have had several people say "oh you need to throw everything away
> and bleach everything down when he is gone or you will transmit it
> to your cats" and it is my understanding that the virus is fragile
> when outside it's living host and therefore, I would think that a
> good cleaning and some time (i.e. a week or two) would be
> sufficient before letting our cats back into the study.  Thoughts? 
> We have wood floors but there is a rug, chair and cat condos in
> there (which can be removed, of course).
> Thanks,
> Edna
> (713) 882-2011                                          

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