Thanks Beth, I figured as much because I deal with people freaking out about 
FIV all the time and I don't even consider FIV an issue.
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> No need to throw anything out. I don't even wash the carriers. These myths 
> infuriate me!
> Beth
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> Subject: [Felvtalk] Feluk positive kitty
> We just rescued a Feluk + kitty and are fostering him for two weeks until he 
> is past his 14 day quarantine and goes to another foster home. My question is 
> this, we have 28 cats (yep, that's a LOT of cats) and we will keep him in the 
> study during this time. However, I have had several people say "oh you need 
> to throw everything away and bleach everything down when he is gone or you 
> will transmit it to your cats" and it is my understanding that the virus is 
> fragile when outside it's living host and therefore, I would thinlk that a 
> good cleaning and some time (i.e. a week or two) would be sufficient before 
> letting our cats back into the study. Thoughts? We have wood floors but there 
> is a rug, chair and cat condos in there (which can be removed, of course).
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