Dear Beth,
Thanks for the information.
Let me add some information to my previous post.
I typically take kittens that are neonatal, usually under about 3 weeks of age. 
 I am one of the few fosters in my group who will foster newborns.   I usually 
have them for a minimum of 3 weeks before I would even think of combining 
litters.  When I have single kittens, I feel it is important for them to 
develop social skills with peer group kittens  - about the same age.  I find 
they develop bad habits otherwise - biting and too rough play.  Waiting to 
socialize singletons until they are fixed and tested at 8 weeks doesn't work 
Since they have been in my home 3 or more weeks when they would be tested, none 
of the kittens would have any recent exposure to any cats who might infect them 
with FeLV/FIV.  All my litters are carefully quarantined upon arrival, even 
though it is a lot of work and I have many many litterboxes and food bowls to 
clean each day.  
It seems reasonable to me that if they are exposed BEFORE they come to me, in 
3-4 weeks, wouldn't they tend to test positive if they had prior exposure to 
What do all you experts think?
Thanks again for any input.
Georgetta (got one adopted today, but took in 2 starved 5 week olds to stablize 
for another foster yesterday so numbers are up, not down.)
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