Hi Anndrea,

Don't give up on her yet!  The yellow is jaundice and does have to do with
liver - could be among other things "fatty liver syndrome."    You need to
take her back to the vet.   Fatty liver can be treated by adequate caloric
intake.  You need to learn assist feeding (which isn't that hard).

She's probably not using the litter box because she isn't eating or
drinking.  Did they say anything about dehydration?

Anemia can be difficult, Did the vet say anything about whether it is
regenerative or non regenerative?


2010/9/28 A D <unspecifie...@gmail.com>

> Hi, my cat was the picture of health about two weeks ago. She’s 2 years
> old, female, spayed, orange tabby. She would literally bounce off the walls
> running around the house. She’s so wonderful ♥
> Anyway, about two weeks ago, she started sleeping constantly, and one day
> (9/17) I noticed her nose, gums, and pads had turned white…instead of
> their normal pink. So I took her in and they took some blood…said that day
> that she is VERY anemic L Since that was a Friday, we got the results the
> following Monday. FeLV L She barely eats, almost never uses the litter box
> (and her urine is pretty dark when she does go), sleeps almost 24 hours a
> day, and has lost a bit of weight (not good when she only started at 7lbs
> in the first place L).
> I got her Pet-tinic vitamins cuz a vet suggested them. I tried to get her
> to drink kitten formula cuz I figured part of it’s job is to help kittens
> build up their immune systems. She was put on antibiotics the Monday that
> her tests came back. After 4-5 days, she began refusing the medicine. It’s
> a liquid and she would spit it all back out. So, she probably didn’t get
> all she was supposed to.
> When she does eat, it is usually just the liquid part of canned cat food.
> She is still able to jump off the bed and walk to the kitchen (where the
> dry food bowl and litter box are), but usually wears out on her way back
> out of the kitchen, and lays down. She is so skinny…I’m not even sure she
> has much muscle left. She has always been skinny, but not like this.
> Well, a few days ago, her white pads and nose started turning yellow. I
> know that has something to do with her liver not working right.
> Oh yeah…the way the vet put her anemia…normal range is 29%-45% (or
> something like that), and my kitty’s came back at 16% L
> Does anyone have any advice as to what we could do to help her? How will we
> know if she has pain?
> The vet that gave us the results (a substitute cuz regular vet was out for
> the week) said if she makes it the next couple months, and seems any
> better, to get her re-tested. That some cats fight it off and can test
> negative a couple months later. So, that means SOME cats get over this. And
> I read online that some cats live for a few years with it, after showing
> symptoms. Just gives me a little hope…then I look at her…and she looks so
> bad…and I think there isn’t much hope. So hard to watch.
> At what point do you give up and have an FeLV+ cat put to sleep? I figured
> if she shows signs of being in pain (once I know what those are), or has a
> seizure, or absolutely stops eating and drinking anything, that it would be
> time. I don’t want her to suffer, but I also want to give her every chance
> to survive…ya know?
> Anyway, thanks for letting me go on and on…as you can tell this is really
> very hard on me emotionally, as I’m sure it is on anyone and everyone who
> has to deal with it.
> ~Anndrea
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