Hi everyone-

A few days ago I posted about a foster cat who tested positive via a SNAP test 
for FeLV.  We brought him in for the IFA test and I just found out that he 
tested negative!  This is certainly very welcome news. I understand that we 
have to have him retested, but this result is certainly more encouraging than a 
positive result!

>From what I understand, FeLV cats are usually only infectious when they reach 
stage 5 of the disease.  Oscar got in a very brief (30 second) fight with 
another foster cat about a week ago.  I had her SNAP tested (negative) and have 
confined her ever since pending a retest in 30 days.  Since Oscar is not 
infectious, is it safe to let her out of her confinement or would you recommend 
keeping her quarantined for another month?  



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