Hi Jenny! OK-we live at the vet-LOL   With FeLV, the sooner you can nip 
in the bud, the better. Murphy was put on Cyproheptadine in April for 
sneezing-we thought allergies because he liked to hang out at the screen door 
watch the birds. I had been giving fewer LTCI shots-went to 8 
end of July he became anemic-still sneezing and now lethargic,  he had lost 
almost a pound in the 3 months. 
July 23-He has always tested negative for FHM (formerly known as 
Hemobartonella). We added the Doxy 2x a day (1/4 of a 100mg tab that I put in a 
gel cap with the 1/2 tab of 4 mg Cypro) on  July 23, along with Procrit 3x a 
week and the iron capsule 1x a day. Still on Interferon 1cc 2x a day (both he 
and Rosie). I think the Doxy as more of a preventative measure. He had lots of 
URIs his first year. Absolute Reticulocyte count was 35200. Autoplatelet 
744..Large platelets present, Slight Howell jolly bodies persent. No FHM seen. 
Went to every 2 wks with the LTCI.

Aug 6 he had a temp of 104.7 and was given a shot of .5 ml PennG which I 
repeated every 5 days at home. But his in-office PCV was up to 27 from 18 in 
July. CBCs- RBC 3.07 HGB 6.9 HCT 22.5  Autoplatelet 897  Platelets appear 
increased Large platelets present  Absolute Reticulocyte count 70610 Marked 
degree of regeneration.

Sept 18-Breathing too fast-103.5 temp ultrasound showed fluid in the chest 
cavity and she could not see his heart and lungs on the test-his breathing was 
raspy. Added Prednisolone 5mg 2x a day and Lasix 1/2 tab 2x a day (I put both 
one gelcap)  CBC showed RBC 6.48  HGB 11.6  HCT 38.7  (no reticulocyte done) 
 Auto Platelet 621 Platelets appear increased. Decreased Procrit to 2x a week 
and Iron capsule to one every other night. Added Rutin when Dawn wrote about 
using it and it helped her cat-1 gel cap 2x a day. LTCI once a week.

Today Oct 1 "Marked Improvements!" ultrasound showed very scant fluid -lung 
sounds great. In office PCV 36 TP 6-continue the meds except decrease the 
Procrit (21 units in an insulin syringe) to once a week-mucous membranes nice 
and pink, temp 101.1, up to 11 lbs 1/2 oz (from 10 lbs Aug 6 but he was 12 lbs 
year ago) Come back in a month for CBC (Hahahaha-we didn't know if he was going 
to make it to this appt and now it's see ya in a month!!) Wooo Hooo!! He has a 
good appetite-loves the AD wet food from the vet, strained ham is his favorite 
baby food-he eats dry food really well also-blue buffalo with probiotics and a 
few other premium grain free holistic foods without fishmeal (some fishmeal is 
preserved with carcinogens). I do let him have some junk food-LOL cuz he loves 
the hairball control treats in the silver package, and he is a fluffy boy.

I hope you can make sense of the numbers. It's one heck of a roller coaster 
ride.  Alice
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