Alice....I'm thrilled for you.  I've been concerned...things didn't look too
good not so long ago.  Congratulations!


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      We just got back from Murphy's vet check. The end of July, he was
with anemia-(in office PCV 18) HCT 22.3  RBC 3.5   HGB 5.1 even his Absolute

Reticulocyte count was 35200 and the lab notation said a count of over 50000
evidence of regenerative anemia-which he was below that level. Our vet had
give him Procrit 3x a week, Doxy, Cypro and an iron supplement. He was
Interferon 2x a day and we bumped the LTCI to every 2 weeks. He rebounded
that-in 2 months he went to HCT 38.7  RBC  6.48  HGB 11.6.
       Then 2 weeks ago he seemed to be breathing really fast-I took him in
his lung sounds were raspy and an ultrasound showed lots of fluid pockets,
much that she couldn't see his heart or lungs-she suspected Lymphoma-sent us

home with Lasix and Prednisolone to add to his meds 2x a day, lowered the 
Procrit to 2x a week and we bumped his LTCI to once a week. Dawn on this
said Rutin helped-I immediately went to the health food store and bought the

tablets and a pill grinder and put the powder into #3 gel caps and gave him
2 a 
day.  She thought that he may not make 2 weeks judging by the fluid and how
trouble he was having with his fast breathing-it's 2 weeks today and his
sounds are good-the fluid is 99.5% gone!!! His gums are still nice and pink.
did not do a CBC, but the in office PCV was 36!! I told her about the Rutin
she was impressed (thank you Dawn!!!) and said that they had used it for
conditions, but didn't think of using it on FeLV cats-now she will!! We will

stay on the same meds for now but drop the Procrit to only once a week since
seems to be regenerating now.
    I am so grateful for this list and all of the selfless people out there 
trying to give these kitties a good life, no matter how short. I have
learned so 
much from all of you and I am no longer afraid to ask my vet questions and
to do 
what I feel is good for my babies. We are all in a limbo trying keep our
healthy and happy. This disease is horrible-we lost the 4 brothers a year 
ago....I was not ready to lose Murphy-he is such a happy and silly cat-he's
poly with 3 thumbs-he goes click click when trotting down the hallway and
more like a puppy than a cat. He's not a lap cat, but is right there and
to lay nearby and reach out and keep a paw on you-just likes to touch. He
Rosie automatically come into the kitchen morning and night and wait for
meds-she is just on Interferon and LTCI monthly-her HCT was 44.7 a few weeks

ago. Our vet said to come back in a month for CBCs!! Purrayers and positive 
thoughts-at least today.....Alice and the furry cats that own us!!
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