This is fantastic news.  I think you are the first person I know to have
reversed a nonregenerative anemia without transfusion.  There are probably
others but I do not know of them.  I would love to recreate your success.
To recap since the anemia (was this hemolytic - sounds like since doxy and
cipro were added - this dampens my enthusiasm a little but that's okay).

1.  Anemia -
              started on Procrit (3x/week)
              (doxy and cipro)
              iron supplement
              Interferon 2x/day (you said he had been on this already?)
              LTCI injections every two weeks (I know he's been on this for

2.  This combination caused rebound in HCT  - was there evidence of
regeneration (I mean obviously there was - but what was the reticulocyte
count at that time)

3. Pleural edema or effusion (? lymphoma) added:
         Lasix (diruetic)
         Prednisolone (steroid)
         cut back on procrit  (2x/week)
         LTCI up to once/week   (is there a concern with injections this
frequently - has the manufacturer any warnings on this?)

4. Currently HCT good - is his appetite and behavior normal.  What is his
lymphocyte and platelet count - do you know?

So this has all occured in the span of two months.

The fact that the bone marrow responded to the procrit suggests to me that
at least the bone marrow is capable to responding.  The question is, is it
the addition of LTCI and interferon that is putting the virus at bay enough
for the bone marrow to respond.  Are you going to continue with the LTCI
injections weekly or planning on cutting back?  I am so happy.  I really
hope that his success continues.  If this is reproducible I will be
estatic.  God bless you for your endurance.


On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 3:13 PM, Alice Flowers <>wrote:

>      We just got back from Murphy's vet check. The end of July, he was
> crashing
> with anemia-(in office PCV 18) HCT 22.3  RBC 3.5   HGB 5.1 even his
> Absolute
> Reticulocyte count was 35200 and the lab notation said a count of over
> 50000 was
> evidence of regenerative anemia-which he was below that level. Our vet had
> us
> give him Procrit 3x a week, Doxy, Cypro and an iron supplement. He was
> getting
> Interferon 2x a day and we bumped the LTCI to every 2 weeks. He rebounded
> from
> that-in 2 months he went to HCT 38.7  RBC  6.48  HGB 11.6.
>       Then 2 weeks ago he seemed to be breathing really fast-I took him in
> and
> his lung sounds were raspy and an ultrasound showed lots of fluid pockets,
> so
> much that she couldn't see his heart or lungs-she suspected Lymphoma-sent
> us
> home with Lasix and Prednisolone to add to his meds 2x a day, lowered the
> Procrit to 2x a week and we bumped his LTCI to once a week. Dawn on this
> list
> said Rutin helped-I immediately went to the health food store and bought
> the
> tablets and a pill grinder and put the powder into #3 gel caps and gave him
> 2 a
> day.  She thought that he may not make 2 weeks judging by the fluid and how
> much
> trouble he was having with his fast breathing-it's 2 weeks today and his
> lung
> sounds are good-the fluid is 99.5% gone!!! His gums are still nice and
> pink. We
> did not do a CBC, but the in office PCV was 36!! I told her about the Rutin
> and
> she was impressed (thank you Dawn!!!) and said that they had used it for
> other
> conditions, but didn't think of using it on FeLV cats-now she will!! We
> will
> stay on the same meds for now but drop the Procrit to only once a week
> since he
> seems to be regenerating now.
>    I am so grateful for this list and all of the selfless people out there
> trying to give these kitties a good life, no matter how short. I have
> learned so
> much from all of you and I am no longer afraid to ask my vet questions and
> to do
> what I feel is good for my babies. We are all in a limbo trying keep our
> cats
> healthy and happy. This disease is horrible-we lost the 4 brothers a year
> ago....I was not ready to lose Murphy-he is such a happy and silly cat-he's
> a
> poly with 3 thumbs-he goes click click when trotting down the hallway and
> acts
> more like a puppy than a cat. He's not a lap cat, but is right there and
> likes
> to lay nearby and reach out and keep a paw on you-just likes to touch. He
> and
> Rosie automatically come into the kitchen morning and night and wait for
> their
> meds-she is just on Interferon and LTCI monthly-her HCT was 44.7 a few
> weeks
> ago. Our vet said to come back in a month for CBCs!! Purrayers and positive
> thoughts-at least today.....Alice and the furry cats that own us!!
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