Aww Kris-I am so sorry you are going through this and we all have to meet 
here-Avis' numbers are so similar to Murphy's in July. I am so glad your little 
terrier has found his soulmate-LOL I'll try and remember the questions I tend 
Interferon-we had caught a litter of 5 wild little ferals, (Oct 2008 about 8 
old) all with snotty faces, some had eyes glued shut with yellow mucous, one 
sores inside his mouth (calici virus?)-treated all for URIs, ear mites, fleas, 
ear and eye infections, worms-you name it-we got them all well after days and 
nights of taming, cuddling, washing snotty faces and scrubbing butts-original 
goal was to tame, neuter, vaccinate and adopt out the kitties. Got them their 
kitten shots-they looked nice and healthy-took them to be tested-all 5 
That vet kinda just stared at us and asked "what are you going to do with 
them?"-I said we just got them healthy-look at them, purring little fur 
balls-she said some people opted to euthanize FeLV+ cats and you don't want 
around non FeLV cats.......well, I didn't know about the disease-we went home 
and rather than adopt them out and take a chance they be let outdoors, kept 
them-I guess I showed her LOL. Got them all neutered. We found a nice vet 
clinic-cats only and got them on the Interferon when they were about 4-5 months 
old. It was 1cc once a day. With their bad immune systems, someone was always 
sick-we had a constant prescription for Zithromax at the Walmart pharmacy-we'd 
get the bigger bottle and add our own water at home so we could mix up 1/2 at a 
time as needed-the kittens got really used to the strawberry flavor! Then we 
found Murphy in with the feral colony the kittens came from-he was such a sweet 
kitty-fluffy tuxedo with all those toes! 7 on the fronts, he looked like he was 
wearing ov-gloves. Unfortunately we left him there while we posted photo ads in 
the paper and on-line-surely someone was missing him-a month, not one call. We 
decided to take him to clinic and get neutered and vaccinated to adopt out-we 
got the call, he was positive and they were going to euthanize him unless I 
wanted to add him to my gang. So being Murphy's law-he got a name! The 4 
brothers died a month apart, beginning when Buster was 8 months old-the anemia 
hits so fast. One day he was playing hard-somersaults, running-2 days later he 
was at the vet with PCV of 8. The second one, Jack we rushed to UC Davis in the 
middle of the night-we opted to try a transfusion-he had a bad reaction during 
the procedure, we told them to stop and let him go to his brother. You know, we 
took the remaining 4 to UC Davis, thinking they would be more advanced and have 
something great to treat them-got all the blood work done and exams. Nothing 
more to tell us than we had already been learning. I was so desperate to find 
help.Then Oni, he became anemic and died at home in my son's arms-horrible.The 
last was almost a year old when he became anemic-had trouble breathing and was 
crying out-he went to Davis at midnight, when they gave him the shot, fluid 
bubbled out of his nose. Anemia seems to hit so darn quickly. That was Aug 09. 
After finding some articles on line regarding the peak anti viral qualities of 
 Interferon (Alpha) not lasting 24 hours, we discussed with our vet the 2x a 
and she did not think it would hurt them. We found the articles on LTCI and 
them to our vet and asked her to order it for us. She spoke with their vets and 
thought it may help boost their immune systems. We began in Sept 09 with once a 
week for a month, then every 2 weeks for a month, then monthly etc. We kept 
on their CBCs and they seemed to be doing well, so I decided to go to 6 and 8 
weeks on the injections. Then Murphy became anemic in July and he actually, 2 
weeks after beginning the Procrit, stopped eating and moving-I was using a 
little syringe to give him canned AD and strained baby food (chicken and ham). 
I'd give him a syringe full (only 3cc)  of water every half hour or so. On the 
3rd or 4th day he became more alert and began to eat on his own but I'd still 
give him water now and then to keep him hydrated. It takes time to get the body 
working again-I do not know for sure how the Procrit (Epogen) works but I think 
the kidneys have a role in RBC production and it stimulates the kidneys to 
produce that element (a hormone?? I don't know) in case the kidneys have quit 
making it. He is not CRF as far as I know and the fact that we can reduce the 
Procrit so quickly seems to point to his kidneys functioning ok. This is a 
horrible disease-your babies can be sleek, shiny pictures of health and energy 
one day and be on death's door the next-I have never cried so much in my 
life....and I was not really a "cat person"...I guess I is one now! LOL. Rosie 
is now a year and 2 months-she is the survivor of the litter, a small sleek 
tabby-very hyper-busy and Murphy is about 2 months older-the polar 
opposite-mellow fluffball-likes to hang out and follow you from room to room, 
not a lap cat but wants to lay close and touch you with his big paw while he 
sleeps. I just don't want to lose these 2. You gotta try and treat the anemia 
fast-it takes time to get it to reverse. The other stuff I don't know anything 
about. You can see my kids in my facebook photo album-LOL-Farmville-aholic  
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