Thank you for sharing your heartfelt experiences.  These babies are truly 
special.  I'm not sure if it is because they are sick or if it is because we 
love them so much better due to their sickness.  I know I took my kitty for 
granted until she got sick.  Now I spend every day trying to make what is left 
of her life meaningful and special.  It seems as though that is what all of you 
do as well, whether they were your chosen pets or they found you because they 
knew you would take them in.  Whatever the reason, it is so uplifting to see so 
much love!

Melinda and Fuji
On Oct 7, 2010, at 11:46 AM, Kristen Stathis wrote:

> Hi! Just wanted to thank everyone who posts on this list. . . I've kept a low 
> profile for a year while I learned more than I ever wanted to know about this 
> awful virus.  I adopted my first animals, Glinda and Georgie (also a girl), a 
> little over two years ago.  A year in, Glinda got sick.  Her HCT was at 9!!!! 
>  And I quickly learned all about FeLV.  Despite all of my efforts, she died 
> seven weeks later.  I had been hand-feeding her multiple times a day, and 
> giving SubQ fluids daily to try and break her awful fever (105!).  LTCI, 
> interferon and two blood transfusions as well.  As my cats had never left my 
> tiny apartment and had never been in contact with any other animals, it was 
> pretty clear that their negative test at the (best!) shelter was a false 
> negative.  I'm so grateful that they slipped through the cracks, though! Such 
> sweet dispositions-- I was lucky to know them. A few weeks ago, Georgie 
> became sick too (HCT down to 19.5)  and had also developed lymphoma.  We 
> treated her w/
> Interferon (which she had been on a year), prednisone, LTCI, and I was 
> helping her eat multiple times a day. She went downhill quickly in the end. 
> Despite all we try and do to slow down this awful virus, it's just that, 
> awful.  I've been told that the sweetest kitties get the worst diseases.  
> Perhaps it is because of the disease that all of our animals are so very 
> special.  I have loved (and will continue to love) reading so many amazing 
> stories on this list-serve.  This community is phenomenal, and I'm glad to 
> have found it.  Perhaps my first first animals didn't live as long as I would 
> have hoped, but I know that they had the best lives they could have possibly 
> had with me, and I'm so grateful for every second I got to spend with them!  
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