Terry-I will ask about the azithromycin , we used it alot the first year for 
the URIs. Strawberry flavor from the Walmart pharmacy-it was the children's 
version. He has had regular CBCs all along and also checked for Hemobartonella 
and always negative for any mycoplasmas. Since beginning the LTCI last Sept, he 
has had 10 CBCs. We did testing in the beginning to monitor how he was doing 
while we went from weekly to bi-weekly then monthly LTCI injections. Then 
since his anemia crash in July to see how well he's recovering so we can reduce 
the Procrit injections (from 3x a week to 1x a week now). I think they suspect 
it's a flare up of the Herpes virus-he's had quite a bit of that this last 
but in the beginning I thought he may have had allergies and didn't jump on it. 
Thanks so much! Alice
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