A couple weeks ago I posted about a foster cat (Oscar) I took in that tested 
positive on the SNAP test and negative on the IFA test for FeLV.  Prior to the 
SNAP test, I had kept him mostly confined but occasionally let him out 
supervised.  The last time I let him out, he suddenly attacked a nursing foster 
cat I have named Simone.  The fight lasted only about 30 seconds before I broke 
it up, but I was bit in the process by Oscar, so I know he was trying to bite 
Simone.  I examined her then and after Oscar tested positive (about five days 
later) and did not detect any bite marks or puncture wounds.  She tested 
negative, but I've had her confined ever since pending a re-test.  That was 
about three weeks ago and she was tested on Sept. 28, so she was not scheduled 
to be retested for at least a couple more weeks.  

I read that FeLV is not usually infectious until about stage five.  Oscar 
negative on the IFA so I had hoped that even if he did bite Simone, he was not 
shedding the virus.  Well, Simone has now developed persistent diarrhea the 
week and a half, which I read can be a symptom of the acute phase of infection. 
I had her stool tested a week ago for coccidia (which Oscar also had) and they 
did NOT detect coccidia.  I've been feeding her a diet of boiled chicken and 
brown rice/pasta with lots of lysine and vitamins mixed in to boost her immune 
system, but the diarrhea persists.  I have a vet appt. for her this morning to 
have her examined.

My question is if there is anything that can be done for a recently infected 
to help them fight off the virus?  Also, if Simone is infected with FeLV, the 
chances are likely her kittens will have it as well, no?  She has four 5-week 
old kittens and is surrogate nursing one 3-week old kitten.  None show any 
symptoms and appear to be healthy and robust kitties, however, I read that cats 
infected as kittens are most likely to be viremic and go on to develop the 
disease FeLV.  In that case, my vet recommends euthanization.  There is a 
with a shelter local to me that has a room for FeLV+ cats, but they have a 
waiting list four cats deep right now and I don't know how long it would be to 
get in five kittens!  Also, I am told that viremic cats rarely live past 2-3 
years of age.  I'm trying to think positive thoughts, but all the worrying, 
guilt and "what-ifs" is just agonizing.  Your thoughts?    


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