Bonnie, I have been using L-Lysine for almost 2 years now with absolutely no
problem. I also buy the 1 lb. container online, about $10-14 (very cheap),
it's the Now brand. Just do a search for it. It's the powder form,
pharmaceutical grade and I put 1/8 tsp in wet food daily (which is about 250
mg). My cat has never had a problem with this. This container lasts a very
long time.

On Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 11:50 AM, Bonnie Hogue <> wrote:

> Have been reading lately on here about L-Lysine for the cat...I crushed a
> tablet very well (I have a mortar and pestle from when my mom was here and
> we had to crush her meds) and added it to Lucky's food.  Poor guy vomited it
> right up -- I mean, back into the feed dishes!
> So now I don't know exactly what to do...maybe decrease to half a tab
> (about 250 mg)?
> Anyone else had a cat with a bad reaction to L-Lysine?  Ideas?
> Thanks!
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