This is the craziest roller coaster!!! Geez-Sunday Murphy was a busy bee, all 
happy and jabbering up a storm. He was finally feeling better with a week of 
Lysine under his belt and the sneezing and sniffles were subsiding. Yesterday 
was fairly quiet but I thought he may have done too much the day before. Last 
night he did not eat, went into the spare room and laid on the floor in the 
dark. Not his style, normally he's nearby. This morning he laid in the kitchen 
until he got his meds, then didn't want to eat. I was able to call the vet from 
work and get him in this afternoon. We just got home. His PCV dropped 10 pts to 
28 and may be even lower because he's a bit dehydrated. We will bump the 
up to 2x a week and increase the iron caps to every night instead of every 
night. Maybe we lowered the dose too quickly....he began the end of July with 
his first crash at 3x a week with the Procrit, then we dropped it to 2x-he 
bounced back so well that we dropped him to once a week when his HCT got to 38 
two weeks ago. His lungs still sound good, but breathing is a little labored 
from being anemic. Ultrasound showed a little fluid around the heart, but 
nothing like the fluid in his chest in July and August, temp is normal, eyes 
clear. So please friends, more little purrayers for my bestest buddy!!  Alice 
and the kiddos!
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