Awwww....thanks so much Alice, Rosie and family.  Spanky is holding his own 
right now. We have another vet appt tomorrow for the vet to look at the growths 
after the treatments.  One looks like it is working, the nasal passage one is 
also smaller but the other 2 look about the same.  

We miss Murphy too and know that he is still with all of you in spirit. 

Purrs and hugs,
Stacy and Spanky

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Stacy-I have you and Spanky in my purrayers! I know how difficult things are 
right now. It seems you are on the right track, trying to find a non-invasive 
way to shrink those darn granulomas. You know, it's only been almost 3 weeks 
since Murphy passed-it seems like an eternity. Our vet clinic said they have 
learned so much in the past 2 years we have been battling FeLV with our 6 
kitties-especially with Murphy-I think they are more positive with the small 
victories we did have. We did draw the line on doing transfusions, feeding 
tubes, iv fluids-as long as he was happy, we kept trying. I miss him every day 
and Rosie does too. Hugs to you and Spanky! Alice and Rosie


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