hi Stacy
We are anxiously awaiting more news.  I admire your courage in forging ahead 
and covering all bases while waiting for results.  With Spanky's spunk and your 
care, I know you will carve out more wonderful time with this sweet baby.
You can try Denamarin for him for his liver - it's basically the pharmaceutical 
companies 'discovering' sam-e/milk thistle and selling it - or you could just 
do that on your own with health food supplements (do research as to dosage, 
check other ingredients etc) .  - only natural pet 
http://www.onlynaturalpet.com   sells a liver supplement for kitties (several) 
- that's an option too.  My FIV boy has cholangeal hepatitis and we go thru 
liver issues - 2 wks on Denamarin brings them back to normal.  You might want 
to try this from your vet to see how he reacts.  My guy, when it's combined 
with antibiotics, looses his appetite.  On it's own, it's ok IF I give about an 
hour before meals.  They will tell you to give at bedtime so it's on an empty 
tummy but it never worked for us.  Even giving before dinner was still 
It was reasonably priced. here's the link for more info...looks like you can 
get it from this site but your vet might be quicker....
hugs to sweet Spanky,
Shannon and Whimsy

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Date: Wednesday, December 1, 2010, 4:27 PM

Thanks to everyone for all the purrayers and sending healing thoughts for 
Spanky. I'm still waiting for the vet to get his biopsy results back and call 
me. She said it could be today or tomorrow. We got there at 9:30am yesterday, 
they did a blood panel, quick ultrasound to see if the mass was still there. It 
was :-(.

Regarding his blood test results - everything except his WBC and related counts 
were normal last time (about a month ago). This time his liver values are 
elevated slightly AST is 55 (range 14-54), ALT is 147 (range 26-128)(from 
pred?), wbc is up from 2400 to 6(from pred?), phosphorus seems very low at 
2.2(range 2.7-7.5) (which I've read isn't really an issue?) and his Red blood 
cells (4.86 and range is 5.8-11.00) and hematocrit (was 32 last time, now 26.1 
and range is 28-47)are down again just below normal. Also low were the 
lymphocyte absolute# at 0.31 (range 1.00-7.90) and eosinophil absolute# at 0.00 
(range 0.10-2.00). It says rare giant platelets are present.

In the vet's report, all it says is that she did the fine needle aspirate and 
also took fluids from his chest for analysis. The slides she reviewed did have 
concerning cells that are most likely "lymphoma" but there are some other cells 
she's not sure of without the pathologist looking at them. She said from the 
ultrasound the tumor shrank about 30-40% from the prednisolone but it was still 
there. So that wasn't a good sign to her. Isn't that a good thing if the tumor 
shrinks? How long does it take to eradicate it if prednisolone alone would do 
that or is that unlikely?

So we are just waiting. Spanky did so well (they had to sedate him for the 
procedure) and was there all day. I picked him up and he gobbled food and drank 
water and was wound up. He finally settled down and rested.

How long can he stay on prednisolone? He's been on it a week today and 
tolerates it very well. He's just so thin now - down to 8.25 lbs from 8.8 last 
week (maybe due to fluids being removed?).

Based on what she finds the type of tumor he has, I'll go from there as far as 
what kind of treatment. I guess I am wondering how long he would have with just 
prednisolone, or if we did leukeran and pred or the vincristine/pred. I was 
looking at the route with the least side effects given his felv+ status. Then 
again, I am entirely speculating that he has lymphoma and still not sure if he 
does or what type.

If anyone has any ideas to try to help the liver values - I posted in the past 
about adenosyl and not sure about milk thistle...but had never had to use 
either on him yet.  

He's on 5mg of prednisolone 2x a day, 250 mg rutin 2x a day (to try to reduce 
fluids in his chest), 15mg CoQ10 per day, 1ML of pet-tinic 2x a day currently. 

Thanks so much for reading my ramblings and thanks again for all your support.
Stacy and Spanky

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