Whimsy's check up is in a few weeks and wanted to get your opinions on what to 
get done.
We will likely have to have him under like before, as I don't see him being 
cooperative, but we'll see.  I'll be touching base with my vet to solidify 'the 
I am going to have the snap test re-done because theoretically he could be 
double positive (FIV), full blood panel, urine tested (stool was recently 
tested already), micro chipped, oral exam - anything else that is good to do as 
long as he is there?  The only 'issue' I notice is he tends towards mild 
constipation (ever since I met him) - given the issues that can face an FeLV's 
intestines, is it prudent to do an xray? or anything else?
The temps have plummeted here in the Midwest and I'm so grateful he's safe and 
warm inside.  We bought him lots of toys and warm bedding.  Because he's in the 
sun room, he has more square footage than any other cat (or person!) living 
here.  It's so wonderful to spoil him as he should be.
Thanks for any input.
Shannon and Sir Whimsy the Spoiled

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