Re: :LTCH--I've had reasonable success with LTCI.  If you do a search in the 
archives, you can read what I've written about my journey with my cat, Aggie.  
She's still kicking at 6 and a half years.  I've had her on Alpha Interferon 
every day of her life, 1 cc every morning (and after she suffered a seizure of 
unknown cause, every morning and evening).  She's also been on LTCI every two 
weeks since her WBC and neutrophils went downhill last Spring.  Her bloodwork 
has rebounded nicely, and she is currently asymptomatic, and very playful with 
a fine appetite and attitude.  I know this won't continue on forever, but for 
now--every day is a party with her.  
About the interferon, Aggie has been on it every day of her life from the time 
we adopted her.  She had zero symptoms of anything FELV related until she 
developed adenocarcinoma of the salivary gland (cancer) at the age of 5.  We 
had that removed in the Summer of 09, and as I mentioned above--she's still 
here.  I think the Interferon may have played a role in keeping her healthy for 
so long.  It isn't terribly expensive, at any rate.                             
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