While Aggie doesn't have symptoms outwardly at present, she has always tested 
positive on bothe Elisa test and IFA tests from the time she was 3 months old.  
We've had her tested no less than 7 or 8 time--the most recent being after her 
cancer surgery in 2009.
She's been on LTCI every two weeks since June, so if she's still kicking in 
March or April of 2011, we might have her retested for the heck of it.  I doubt 
she will have seroconverted, but as you will know from 910 pets and others on 
this blog--it has apparently happened with others.  Not counting on it, but 
that sure would be nice.  If that did happen, I would still consider her as a 
positive, jut that there isn't enough virus to show up on tests.  

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