Thanks. I can do without the sarcasm. I'm just trying to figure out what's best 
for my girl. Eden has a very sensitive system and if there are side effects of 
any drug then no doubt she's going to have them. And no I don't consider still 
being alive as being a "side effect" and again, I can do without the sarcasm 
when I'm trying to make some very difficult decisions during a very stressful 
time. I work in the medical field so I'm well aware of what drugs can do to a 
body and I'm also aware of the great benefit they can offer. I like to know as 
much as I can before making any decisions when dealing with what has the 
potential to be a very toxic drug. 

I thank everyone else who has shared their stories and experiences.
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> Aggie has had interferon every day of her life since I've had her (for 6 and 
> a half years) and has had no noticeable side effects. But--she is still alive 
> and happy, so I suppose you could consider that a side-effect. Might also be 
> chalked up to "good luck," but I'm sure the Interferon hasn't hurt her. 
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