Tweezer lost his battle with this horrible disease this afternoon.  He had
an aggressive lymphoma so there was no hope that he would get better or that
he could even be made more comfortable.  He crashed at the beginning of this
week and was having spasms that were making it very difficult for him to
eat, drink or even to stand.  He has been very unhappy and scared all week

When I took Tweezer in he was extremely malnourished and had worms, ear
mites, goopy eyes and an upper respiratory infection.  As his health
improved he became such a happy cat!  He was so happy to be alive, he always
wanted to play and be loved.  This is a you-tube link to a video I took of
him a few months ago.  He would come to me and ask me to come and play with
him and then lead me to the toys.


Rest in peace my darling Tweezer.  My heart is breaking but at least there
is no feline leukemia where you are now.



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