The possible costs should be told to an adopter so they can make a decision 
before adopting the kitten.  For myself, I am a bit overweight so I figure that 
I can afford to eat less and take care of my cats.  It is a personal decision 
that requires some serious thought.  One cannot make such a decision lightly.  
After all,this cat's life depends on you and once you take it into your heart 
and find you cannot care for it is the wrong time to make decisions.  best to 
do what is best for the kitten, not you.  
---- M C <> wrote: 
> When considering a forever home for a felv+ kitten/cat, how important is it 
> for 
> the adopter to be able/willing to spend a lot of $$ on things like LTCI? I 
> know 
> this is hard to quantify, but will the adopter have to have quite a bit of 
> disposable income to keep a cat healthy?
> I also understand LTCI may or may not work (not guaranteed), but wouldn't it 
> give the kitten the best chance at survival? Interferon seems to be used by 
> some, and not others, so not sure what do with that.  One of our rescued 
> kittens 
> is in foster care w/agreat set of foster parents, but I do not know whether 
> they 
> will be able to afford these treatments, or other more costly vet treatments 
> which is why they haven't committed to adopting her?
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