Going on 3 weeks since her labs and diagnosis Feb 24. She's been on 5 mg 
prednisolone 2x a day along with 1cc of Interferon squirted in her mouth. She 
also gets a shot of PennG every 5 days and one Leukeran pill every 3 days. 
had 5 Leukeran pills so far.  Last week she began sneezing alot so I added 
again. To make it easier, I crushed the 1/2 tab of Cypro and combined it inside 
one gel cap with the pred-there was room left in the cap so I added a pinch of 
Lysine and a tiny bit of iron for good luck. I divided one of Murphy's iron 
capsules I had left since he went to the rainbow bridge in October. One iron 
into 6 of the gel caps. She has been eating and drinking fine-too much-she was 
meowing constantly-at first I thought she was in pain, but she wanted 
treats...constantly. The Pred has her eating too much-she was sleek, now she 
seems all bloated and has a belly and waddles-not a pretty look for a princess! 
She also sleeps a lot. I tried to feel for the mass in her left lymph node by 
her throat and it does seem to be smaller. I'll call her Dr tomorrow to see 
about the Pred dosage and her being all bloated. Thanks for all the 
far, so good-I am not ready for her to join her 4 brothers and Murphy-mom needs 
her princess here!  Alice, Rosie, Miso and Sachi  (2 FeLV- kitties adopted 
Murphy passed away)
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