Melinda, how are you doing?  The devastation of the earthquake and tsunami is 
so awful.  You are in our thoughts and prayers.

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Date: Sunday, March 20, 2011, 4:28 AM

Oh, this makes me so terribly sad.  I know some of you will step up and help if 
you are able.  Boy has it been an education being a part of this group.  My two 
FeLV babies were "accidents."  Both negative when adopted, later testing 
positive.  My Fuji has survived with mediastinal lymphoma for 8 months and you 
would never even know she is sick.  So far VooDoo hasn't shown any symptoms.  I 
read all of your postings and it breaks my heart every time someone loses their 
baby.  It also makes me feel wonderful when I see someone helping out and 
taking another one in.  Maybe someday when I move back to the states and my 
children are grown, I will be able to make a difference just as you have!

Melinda, Fuji and VooDoo
On Mar 20, 2011, at 10:13 AM, Linda Demiri wrote:

> Hello everyone ..I am passing this out there to see if there is anyone that 
> can help..a group of 12 cats were rescued from a fire @ a hoarders 
> home...only to be put on the Euthanasia list to be pts in the I 
> understand it several of these cats are Felv positive and may also be 
> pregnant as they are not neutered..its the same deal if you can adopt/foster 
> either one by having your rescue help pull them I am more then willing to get 
> them to your nearest airport if I have to fly them out myself....the link for 
> them is on my Facebook page but you can also goto 
> They are at Animal Care and Control in Brooklyn New york "city"
> 7182727201
> Thank You all and God Bless!
> Please share this...
> Linda 
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