Thank you Bonnie and everyone in this group for your kind words.Really helps 
get me through the MANY heartbreaks of losing so many of these WONDERFUL Sids 
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Your quote says it all...You realize that the love shared is more powerful 
than the pain of loss.
Good for you for being able to realize what many never do.  And what a 
difference you make in the sometimes short lives of those felines who you 
let into your heart.
Condolences to you; prayers for Xavier's progress along the Path of Light.
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> This beautiful boy INSTANTLY won a special place in my hert the second I 
> met him..... He had the most beautiful green eyes and purred everytime I 
> talked to him.He would offer me his belly and just look at me with those 
> gorgeous eyes as if to say to me " I love you too" how my heart can keep 
> letting these special babies in is beyond me.But I am ALWAYS honored to 
> have had the chance to love them,no matter how long or short of time. We 
> had the pleasure of loving Xavier for the last 5 months...what a joy he 
> was .I love you my Xavy baby.....
> Sherry
> "We who choose to surround ourselves with lives more temporary
> than our own,
> Live within a fragile circle,easily and often breached.
> Unable to accept its awful gaps.
> We still would have it no other way"
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